Mantle responds 5 questions about the CBD industry (Interview)

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“MANTLE is the first Scandi beauty brand dedicated to the wonders of premium CBD.”

They are on a mission to provide simple but powerful self-care solutions, with the combination of Swedish values and Swiss science. Founded by female professionals in Stockholm, Sweden, they felt like there was something missing in their lives to cope with the everyday high demands on our time and energy, so they set out to find a natural solution.

1) When did the idea of creating your brand come up and when did you officially create it? Where are you located?

After several startups journeys, we began with us searching for simple yet powerful health hacks that could seamlessly fit into our active lives. When we found the cannabis extract CBD, it was life-changing. However, we couldn’t find the high quality we were looking for in Scandinavia, so we decided to found MANTLE – a premium wellness universe powered by CBD. In February 2020 we launched our first product – The Original Oil – and  MANTLE was born.

2) Being a still stigmatised industry, why did you decide to create a company with a main focus on CBD and cannabis? 

We saw the traction CBD had gotten on the US market and how versatile it was + how well it worked for our skin and well-being. We knew that starting a CBD brand in Sweden we would be facing a lot of challenges as the awareness around the multi-functionality of the cannabis plant has been very limited up until recently. We felt passionately about the potential of CBD and were up for the challenge to be front runners and participate in revolutionizing the cannabis industry. 

3) What kind of products do you specialise in?

At the moment we specialize in premium CBD oil and skincare. Our long term goal is to create a universe of CBD products for many different areas within health and beauty.

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4) What was/is the biggest obstacle you encountered as a company? Especially being a company linked to the world of cannabis and CBD.

Four months into our journey the Swedish regulations stopped us from selling our CBD oil The Original Oil to Swedish consumers. We have appealed the decision, and hope to have this amazing product back in Sweden soon. During that time we were forced to push ourselves creatively and to enter new markets faster (hello Spain!) which ended up being very rewarding.

5) What would you recommend to someone who is thinking about starting in the world of cannabis and CBD at a business level?

Do your research! Cannabis is a commodity so quality matters, in fact the hemp is highly affected by the environment in which it grows. One thing that sets us apart from many other CBD brands is that we only use the best quality hemp leaf extract – it’s organically sun grown, hand-harvested, and cold extracted in Switzerland. Every single batch is analysed by a third-party lab and tested for purity, safety, and potency.

Also, find your target audience and build a strong brand. The truth is, CBD can benefit anyone but since cannabis is still quite stigmatized there are a lot of presumptions about what it is and how it’s used, so lots of people are unaware of how it can help them for skin and wellness.

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Youtube: @uncanny.

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